Hypoxic System

Welltech's hypoxic system can be intergrated to any  environmental chamber to simulate the altitude control.   We can build the system for our chamber or other's room.  We also offer hypoxic system for r sleeping room, gym room and hotel.

The altitude control and up to max 9000m altitude.

The hypoxic air is generated by the physical method which is safe for human use.  

The hypoxic system consists of

  • Air compressor
  • Dryer
  • Pressure vessel
  • Membrane system
  • Filtering system
  • Control valve
  • LCD touch screen controller


Beside hypoxic system, we also offer

Hypoxic Application

Hypoxic Swimming Hypoxic Rehabilitation
Hypoxic Boxing Hypoxic Research
Hypoxic Sleeping Hypoxic Training   Hypoxic Tent

Custom design of inflatable tent for different application is available on request



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